Homeschool Essay Writing Courses With Fortuigence (Review)

Why is teaching my kids to write well so hard? It shouldn’t be. Everybody writes. I write all the time! And yet, teaching my kids to write has been such a struggle for us, and a thorn in our side. Writing is one of the few areas I worry about. I fear I will fail to prepare my kids to write well enough for college.  I’ll be blunt; I’ve been hoping to get the opportunity to review a Fortuigence writing course for a while now. The idea of letting someone else teach my kids to write seemed so appealing! I’ve finally

Overcoming Obstacles & Phonics ~ ABC’S of Homeschooling

Obstacles. I can’t say that word without thinking of “O Brother, Where Are Thou” and how they say it as OB’STACK’els. But I digress. Obstacles are a part of life, and most certainly, a part of homeschooling. There is almost an unwritten guarantee that your child will dislike and struggle with either math or reading. (Or if not one of those, writing.) In our house we’ve run up against all three. Princess had some difficulty grasping math, Drama Queen had trouble learning to read, and now they both take issue with writing. Now, however, the issue isn’t that they *can’t*

More About Blogging for School and Writing

Last week I posed a question about blogging for school. At the same time, I mentioned to Hubs that I want our daughter to write more and I showed him Jerah’s blog – confessing as I handed him the laptop that I know that I haven’t made Princess write enough, and that I know Joy encourages her children to write often. But that was kinda the point, ya know? “Look! Look at this! She’s pretty close to [Princess’] age! Here, read it!” “Yeah, that’s pretty impressive,” he said, “if it really is an eleven year old…” (Please forgive him, he’s

Blogging for School?

Raise your hand if your homeschooled child has a blog and you use it as an outlet for their creative writing? I’ve run across a few. Some of them have seriously impressed me, too! I even started a private blog for my ten year old last year, hoping to use it as a place for her to write to an audience- even if that audience was only our immediate family. There’s only one problem.. We never do it. She rarely asks to do it, I rarely make her do it.. between all the regular subjects, assignments, chores, housework, church (and