3 Tips for Kitchen Cleaning That Save Time & Money

3 Kitchen Cleaning Tips to Save Time and Money I’m not a fan of cleaning the kitchen, but I do like have a clean one. It stands to reason, then, that I must do the first to get the second. If you’re like me and you want a clean kitchen as easily and frugally as possible, you might be looking for ways to save time and money while doing it. These three kitchen tips were originally posted here back in the very early days of my blogging. While cleaning up the clutter and crumbs that accumulate from so many years

An email organizing tip that actually WORKS.

I do not consider myself among the many who have large numbers of important, impressive, incoming e-mails each day. And yet I still sometimes feel the flow of the e-mail waters rise a bit too far above my head for just a few moments. Admittedly, sometimes things get buried back behind the new emails coming in, lost to the inbox abyss. My mom would tell you to always keep your inbox empty. Read it. Delete it. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t always work that way. Canna getta witness? Recently I’ve seen an increase in important incoming emails

Work it. Do what you can. Don’t worry about what you can’t.

It’s Wednesday. That doesn’t really mean a whole lot other than that it’s also Works for Me Wednesday and I’ve got a big fat nothin. Now surely that can’t be COMPLETELY true. SOMETHING around here has to be working, right? You’d think. And yet I’m drawing a big, fat, blank. It might be the backed up laundry and dishes distorting my view, just sayin’. We’ve been sick, though. The kind of sick that gets ya run down, makes ya dog tired and affects your Want To and Care To. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. So maybe I’m not putting

Occupying Toddlers During School Time

If you’re homeschooling with littles underfoot, one question you often get asked (and ask yourself) is “what do you do with the littles while you’re schooling the olders?” Obviously there are many answers and not a one size fits all answer for everybody. The things we have done have varied with the different personalities and temperaments of each child, with their age and abilities, and so on. For a long time it has been easy to occupy our toddler son with drawing – he loves to draw, and I don’t discount that as educational. Every penstroke, every circle he draws,

WFMW: Yoplait Fat Free Plain Yogurt

You think I’m kidding, I’m not! A couple of years ago I weaned my family off the sugar and food coloring abundant dessertified forms of yogurt available on the store shelves. I say “weaned”.. truth is I just stopped buying it. Since then (except on rare occasions) we’ve only bought the large tubs of plain yogurt. We’ve even made our own! It wasn’t hard, the kids made the switch easily. We still add a little bit of sugar and flavor, but the difference is that we are in control of the amounts, and there’s nothing else in there besides what

Working Around the Room

The biggest thing working for me this week is sending the kids to Grandma’s house for the week! No. Seriously. And while they are gone I am CLEANING, CLEANING, CLEANING. Which leads to my other thing that works for me: Working around the room. When the room is just a MESS and you don’t really know where to start or don’t really even want to start… pick a corner and just. start. working. In my kitchen, I always start on the counter by the back door. Clean off the counter, the whole counter and nothing but the counter. YES, grab