Geography for All Ages

School is in the air. =) Shiny new backpacks and fresh spiral notebooks beckon from the store aisles. Are you ready? Not quite? Already back in the swing? How about a round-up of some good geography resources to help get your geography groove on? Homeschool Geography For All Ages I’ve come to the conclusion that I must be some kind of geography nerd. 😉 I own all of these myself and I know you’re going to love them. You see, geography isn’t just about maps and facts, it’s about the people and cultures that live inside those little lines. So yes, it

U.S. States and Capitals, WonderMaps, and Permanent Markers.

{This post contains affiliate links.} Otherwise entitled: Learning and Practicing States and Capitals With WonderMaps and FUN. Or also: How to Be a Fun Teacher Instead of a Fuddy Duddy. I have smart friends. And you know what smart moms do? They listen to their smart friends. So I have to give credit where credit is due.. it was not my brilliant idea to LET my kids have the permanent markers for their maps. (Ordinarily I would have screamed: No, No, No! Everyone knows you use color pencils and pencils for maps. Silly rabbit.) But when I saw Mary letting

Everything You Need For Eclectic Homeschool History Curriculum

I’ve said that being an eclectic homeschooler doesn’t mean that you just throw a bunch of stuff together and hope it works. Every piece of curriculum is chosen, for a reason. However, I am going to admit that being an eclectic homeschooler does often mean that you have a large variety of materials at your disposal. (Because I like variety. And options.) That said, I do have a large variety of materials available to study History here at our house. I love History. I didn’t used to, no sir. But as an adult–I think it might be my favorite. And

WonderMaps for Relaxed Geography

*This post contains affiliate links.*  At the time of this writing, I was a WonderMaps Brand Ambassador. Though contractually I am no longer an Ambassador, I am still a voluntary promoter. What does this mean? I’ll explain that more in detail in a minute, but first, let me share why I chose to use WonderMaps for Relaxed Geography learning… How do you study Geography? Up until recently our study of geography has been very relaxed and natural, or “as we encounter it” through our other studies of history, science and literature. Even now that we have our North Star Geography book, we