The Busy Mom: 5 Minute Makeup

Today I have a post up over at The Busy Mom, where I am sharing how I do my makeup simply and quickly in five minutes or less, so that I can have more time to do other things (like trying to be on time for church!) Is makeup frivolous? Important? How much time should spend on it? Come read what I have to say about it in, “5 Minute Makeup for Busy Moms.”

A Feminine Look with Lilla Rose (Review)

I’ve been thinking a lot about femininity. There’s something about swirly skirts, soft fabrics and pretty accessories that make the girly girl in me feel like a lady. I’ve been talking about it with my friends and I’ve been thinking about it a lot – feeling feminine and womanly is nice. Why the Lilla Rose Clips? Most days find me in my comfy pants and oversized tshirts with my messy bun or my ponytail. I’m sure that my husband doesn’t mind (because let’s face it, he will still find me attractive in oversized tshirts and comfy pants.) The problem I’ve

January’s Goals ~ 3 in 30

I really need to get back into the habit of using the 3 in 30 challenge to focus on specific tasks and get things done around here. Habits, projects, you name it. I decided I was going to do this again and even though I haven’t gotten around to write a post about it before now, I’ve already been working on some habits for this month. What I’m saying is.. I intended to write this post at the first of the year and get right down to business working on my goals. And then I got sick. Actually I got

A Quick March Update

Okay – REALLY?! The March 3 in 30 has only just begun and the first check in was yesterday. WOW. I’ve made it pretty clear that it takes several weeks for me to develop good habits so obviously I haven’t been at this NEAR long enough to have any kind of progress to report yet. Still. It’s been four days. I should have at least something to show for it, right? Well. Here’s what I’ve got: 1.) We’ve been turning the tv off at 9 (or close to – a couple of times breakfast was late, my fault, and we

Marching Forward, More Goals

And once again it’s time to make some new 3 in 30 goals. A couple of days ago I told you how happy I was with our February goals and I’m really hoping to build on that success for March! This month, as I mentioned, the girls and I chose the goals we are all going to work on together. We’re picking more daily habit/routine type goals and I need their cooperation on these. I have high hopes. =) Without further ado, our goals for March: 1. Turn the t.v. off at 9 a.m. That may sound really lenient.. and

20 Minute Clean-Up

Every now and then I come up with something that’s REALLY good. Most of the time I come up with good ideas and they’re good for a little while and then our needs and abilities change and we need a new idea. (Sometimes I come up with ideas that seem good at first glance but really aren’t feasible but that’s beside the point..) But every now and then I think up a real golden nugget of an idea. This is one of those golden nugget ideas. I really think so. I give you our: 20 Minute Clean-Up The basic idea