Weekly Wrap Up – Which week?

The days and weeks have blurred together – I’ve lost track! I haven’t been using my school planner, and we haven’t been doing our calendar time, and now I have no idea WHICH school week this is! Crazy to think that in the past I never paid attention to the number of weeks, we just went from one day to the next and one week to the next, and I’ve have never fretted losing count. But this year I’ve been paying attention and so it feels *off* to have stopped paying attention long enough to lose count. I need to

Week 10, Venus and China

Did you know that Mercury is not the hottest planet? It turns out, Venus reaches significantly higher temperatures than Mercury does! This week we got back into our school routine after taking last week off for an early fall break. That means we have to do school next week before and after Thanksgiving, but that’s okay — we’ll do Thanksgiving stuff. 😉 After not doing very much with history and science the past few weeks while we were taking turns being sick, it felt good to pick those back up again. We did school in the house, so that I

Weekly Wrap Up: The Fall Break

Like any school break — it didn’t seem to last long enough! It’s hard to believe that it’s over and tomorrow we’re back to school! I really needed to take the break, though, and I’m glad I decided to move it up earlier in the month. By Thursday I was really feeling awful so I finally gave in and called the doctor. A doctor appointment on Friday morning gave the verdict: BRONCHITIS. I had already suspected that, given the hacking & coughing & difficulty breathing. 48 hours, one inhaler, an antibiotic and steroid pack later — I’m feeling so much

Weekly Wrap Up: The End of Week 8

Suddenly I find myself at a strange and unfamiliar place. A place in which I have actually counted and marked the days and weeks since school began. A place wherein I am aware that next week marks the end of the first quarter–something that I’ve never really paid attention to before. In the past we’ve had a start date, vacation days and an end date. It’s completely SURREAL to have reached our first check point already! It seems like we only just started a few weeks ago! Finally this week we returned to our school room and our daily routine

Weekly Wrap Up Week (4 &) 5 – When Momma is Sick

How do you do homeschool when Momma needs a sick day (or five)? For us, it depends on exactly how sick Momma is, what Momma needs, and whether or not we can afford to take a day or week off. Last week I just felt exhausted, achy and run over by a truck. I didn’t feel pukey or extremely ill I just felt like I needed to sleep. A lot. Well, it’s really hard to teach when you’re sleeping! Hubs and the kids also ended up feeling nappish, having sore throats and generally just not feeling well by the end

Weekly Wrap Up, Week 3 – Pirates, Dinosaurs and Fall!

Did I REALLY say that I was going to make this week’s wrap up more.. brief?? Because I’m not really sure I can! We did so many fun things this week, learned so much, and there’s quite a bit to talk about! Week 3 really did not start off well. At all. I was quite worried  the whole week would go that way, but by mid-week things picked up and we actually ended on a pretty good note. (Thank you, God, for that sweet blessing!) We didn’t get everything on my lesson plan done, but that’s mostly because I’m trying