10 Christian Film Industry Movies You Should Watch

*This post contains affiliate links.* My husband is something of a Christian movie buff. He watches anything he finds, not just on Netflix but frequently buying the DVDs (sometimes before watching them!,) and my introverted husband even wants to watch them in the theater when they come out if he can make it. And sure, some of them are better made than others, but he knows that if we support the Christian film industry and small production companies in their infancy, they will grow to bigger and better things. You can see this at work with the Kendrick brothers, and the significant improvement

Free Valentine’s Day Resources Round-Up

Valentine’s Day is near! For holidays, I find I either plan ahead WAY in advance or procrastinate until the last minute. There is no middle ground. You? How about a little round-up to help us out? 10 Free Valentine’s Day Resources Valentine’s Day Resources for Homeschoolers History of Valentine’s Day & Free Printables Unity Study, Pre-k – 5th Grade at Free Homeschool Deals – a free unit study and many links to other sources as well.   “The Complete Valentine’s Day Checklist” from the Classic Housewife Archives – history of Valentine’s Day, books to read, recipes to make, places to find lessons,

10 Things I Love About Summer

  I’m not one of those “I love Summer” kind of people. It’s too hot. It’s too sweaty. But Summer’s not ALL bad. There are *some* things I like about Summer. It may not be Summer here yet as far as the calendar is concerned.. but let me tell you–it’s Summer here in Texas! 10 Things I (actually do) Love About Summer (which I’m not a fan of.) 1.) Sandals, flip flops, and bare feet.  — True, I wear these all throughout the year unless it’s COLD but I like being able to wear warm weather shoes so freely. 2.)

10 Things I Said I Was(n’t) Going to Do In This House

You know how it is when there’s a life change of some kind and you say things like, “When we’re in that new house we won’t do that anymore..” Well, maybe you’re smart enough not to do that. As it is, I found myself saying things like that. I thought about that today and wondered if I was sticking to any of those “resolutions” or not. It’s been 4 months. Shall we see? 10 Things I Said I Was(n’t) Going to Do In This House In the new house, we won’t have toys in the living room anymore. Actually, we’re

10 Exciting Traditions for the New School Year

Several years ago we started the tradition of having a first day of school “party” full of fun and silliness, to mark the occasion. Last year’s party was last minute and ill-planned so I want to redeem myself this year. 😉 I’ve been gathering some ideas to make this year’s party even better! 10 Exciting Traditions For The New School Year (First Day of School Party) 1. New first day of school outfits. We do this every year, but this year, I might WRAP them! Novel idea, right? 2. Fun decorations. In the past I have decorated after the kids

My Top 10 Favorite Preschool TV Shows

TV: America’s babysitter. While it’s true that kids in general watch too much tv these days, tv itself isn’t evil or all that bad. There are some very good shows on television, you just have to find them. We’ve just come off a nine month digital satellite detox. All we had were our videos to watch. Now, for the first time in nine months we have tv again, and for the first time in 7 years or so, it’s LIVE, IN THE MOMENT, WITH NO WAY TO BACK IT UP OR RECORD OR ANYTHING, television. Oddly enough, we’re not flocking