Top Ten {Tuesday} ~ Homeschool Sites

For the next TEN weeks, the iHomeschool Network is joining forces to participate in Angie’s (Many Little Blessings) Top Ten Tuesday with specific themed lists. It’s a mega-linky-blog-hop! This week’s theme: Top Ten favorite websites to use for homeschooling. I’m an eclectic homeschooler so you know there’s going to be a good mix of resources here, right? Of course, right! Free Homeschool Deals – a relatively new site from Jamerrill at Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling. Many freebies posted every day! Freely Educate – Another freebie (or very low cost) site with a good variety and lots of “good stuff.” I’ve been

Top Ten {Tuesday} ~ Nature Sites

This is the time of year when nature swoons.. it’s all around; everything is green…
Playing and learning combine as the children make some new discovery – a flower here, a caterpillar there. We like to look them up, learn their names, their benefits, their life cycle. We have several different websites we go to find the information that we seek. Today I want to share my top ten websites for learning about the nature around us…

Ten Things I’m Making From Scratch

As I said the other day, last week I made a commitment to start making more things from scratch again. I’d kinda let that fall by the wayside a little bit. I’m not talking about things like making enchiladas instead of buying a frozen enchilada meal.. I do THAT all the time. I talking about the individual ingredients. For example, it’s been a while since I’ve made my own tortillas. MAN, those things are good, I should do that again soon! MMm.. tortillas… I digress. Maybe I haven’t been making tortillas this week but there are plenty of things I