Ten Helpful Bible Verses For Homeschooling Moms

Ten Helpful Bible Verses For Homeschooling Moms God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and Prayer are what carry me through this homeschooling journey. Good curriculum, supplies and coffee play a role as well.. but what keeps me going, helps me find direction, strengthens me.. it’s all God. Now, I’m not saying these bible verses have anything to do with homeschool specifically, nor are they only beneficial for homeschoolers, but these are some of my favorite, most encouraging, hope-filled, “purpose giving,” bible verses. If you’re going to be journeying down the homeschool path for the first time this fall, it wouldn’t hurt

Homeschool Q&A with Classic Housewife

Ten Homeschool Questions YOU Wanted to Know about Homeschooling here at Classic Housewife Yes. Today I put myself under the homeschool interrogation lamp and I answer YOUR homeschool questions. I invited you to ask, you answered, and now I hope you have fun as I answer for this little Classic Housewife Q&A. Enjoy!   Q1: Do you use a set curriculum and have your children maintain a strict schedule or are you more relaxed and gather or create your own curriculum? A: I’m an eclectic homeschooler, and by this point we’ve settled on a good core curriculum. It’s not an

Top Ten Signs You Might Be An Eclectic Homeschooler

There are LOTS of reasons why I choose eclectic homeschooling… I call myself a “Pick & Choose” homeschooler. {If you’re like me, you might be one, too!} So you might be a Pick & Choose Homeschooler IF: 1.) If someone asks what method you use and you begin your sentence with “Well, it’s like this….” If you need a paragraph to explain which homeschool method you use…Yep. You might be a Pick & Choose Homeschooler. In fact, I have a whole post, with lots of paragraphs! 2.) If you have trouble sticking to only one kind of method and you

Top Ten {Tuesday} – What we like about homeschool.

Another Tuesday, another Top Ten list — this time it’s all about what our kids like about school. At the end of this post I’m “opening up the floor” — I want you know what YOU love about school! (Wherever, however, whenever YOU school!) Ten Things My Kids Love About Our School (P.S. I took answers my kids gave and used them to come up with these 10 things.) 10. Play dough is a regular part of our day! (We make brains with it.) ~ Little Prince 9. Comfy pj pants are acceptable school attire. ~ Princess 8. We don’t

Top Ten {Tuesday} – Must Haves

The end of the school year approaches (maybe it’s already here for you) and my mind wanders toward the beginning of the next year before this one is even finished. I want to start lesson planning, organizing, buying curriculum. But I won’t. I’m making myself wait a little longer. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t start THINKING about it. 😉 This year I already know most of what I want. Having found so many things that work well for us that we can stick with for a while, it’s mostly a matter of spending the money on it! (The