Ten Free Math Resources

Math: You love it or you hate it. Math gets a bad rap. What’s wrong with math? Okay, okay, I hear you. It’s hard for me, too. But math is consistent, there’s always a pattern, there’s always a right answer. I kinda love that part. =) Math is something that we *do* spend a certain amount of money on here at our house – mostly because I’m *not* very good at it, and also because my oldest isn’t either. But had God not provided the money for her Teaching Textbooks curriculum (everybody say OUCH for that price tag!!), or for

Top Ten Posts from August

August was a great month!! The highlight was probably co-hosting the Mommy Time Facebook party. A very close second would be the release of the Homeschool ebook Omnibus. Both of these brought me some new blog readers and some new Classic Housewife friends on Facebook. Hi! Welcome! I also released my first ebook on August 1st (our 14th wedding anniversary) and created a new page to document my canning adventures with my mom and give you the tools to start your own journey, Canning 101. Our first day back to school was August 21st and we’ve had a great first

Top Ten Posts from July, Here at Classic Housewife

Top Ten posts from July! July was a “banner” month for me! I had my highest monthly traffic EVER. Y’all rock. I just wanted to take a little peek at the highlights from July. If y’all like this, maybe I’ll make it a (semi) regular occurrence. Top Ten Posts from July at Classic Housewife: 10 Exciting Traditions for the New School Year How I Use and Customize My Well Planned Day Lesson Planner 2012-2013 Curriculum and Resources Back to (Home) School 2012 ~ Our School, Our Students Back to (Home) School ~ Planning Our Days  5 Ways to Support Your

10 Things About Me Right Now

For the last week of the iHomeschool Network themed 10 Weeks of Top Ten posts at Many Little Blessings, the theme is “things about me.” Well, that’s really broad. But school is coming up, I’ve got several projects I’m working on and some other changes going on right now, so how about ten things I’ve got going on in my life right now? Our wedding anniversary is coming up! On August 1st, we’ll have been married for FOURTEEN years! Also on August 1st, I’ll be releasing my very first ebook. I already know what I’m going to do for my

10 Ways to Make Homeschool Fun

Ten random thoughts, off the top of my head, about making learning fun. (In no particular order.) How to Make Learning at Home Fun! Make things – This is one of my little boy’s FAVORITE things to do. After we learn about something, he wants to go make it–build it with legos, mold it with playdough, craft it with pipe cleaners… I’m trying to remember to encourage him to do this at least once a day! The girls aren’t as hands on as he is, but they love this, too. Sometimes we have experiments planned, and when we don’t, we

10 Exciting Traditions for the New School Year

Several years ago we started the tradition of having a first day of school “party” full of fun and silliness, to mark the occasion. Last year’s party was last minute and ill-planned so I want to redeem myself this year. 😉 I’ve been gathering some ideas to make this year’s party even better! 10 Exciting Traditions For The New School Year (First Day of School Party) 1. New first day of school outfits. We do this every year, but this year, I might WRAP them! Novel idea, right? 2. Fun decorations. In the past I have decorated after the kids