Advent Event, Day 4: The Spirit of Giving

We know that Christmas is about giving, and about the greatest gift ever given. But we also know that it’s the GETTING that often takes center stage. How do we overcome that, especially with our children? Encouraging our children to give of their time or resources is a good start. Let it be said that we should have giving hearts all year long. During the holidays, people can feel particularly lonely, discontented and sad. During the winter, needs can be felt more severely. Throughout this holiday season, you can find many opportunities to give if you look around a little.

Time Management

Most days I get this feeling; a feeling that I’m not making the most of my time. Lunch time gets here before I know it and I have barely accomplished anything in my day. I’m convinced that if I could make use of that time to get things done then I’d be able to get enough done in my day, yet I’m not convinced or motivated or something enough to actually make that a permanent change. Some days I’ll wake up on time and make breakfast on time and really get a good start on my day. But it seems