Thirteen Things I Love About Spring

Ah, Spring is in the air! Well, SOME days it is. Here in Texas, it’s kind of bouncing back and forth a little bit. 😉 But you can definitely feel a change in the air that milder weather is on the way – and boy does it feel good! For one thing, I’m something of a sissy – not one for freezing temps and wilting in anything warmer than about 80 degrees. I should SO totally not live in Texas. But I do. And I’m happy here. I digress. 😉 What I CAN do is enjoy the wonderful weather while

Thirteen Things I Try To Do When Blogging…

I have been noodling a post in my brain about my goals in blogging. I remember reading someone else’s blog about who they were and what they wanted their blog to be all about. I didn’t save it unfortunately, but it got me thinking. So now with my wheels really spinning, I really wanted to put something into words. Thirteen Things I Try To Do When Blogging… Glorify God! This is something I try to do all the time, in every thing I do. I don’t want to do any less just because I am shielded by anonymity and a