Crazy Days of December (An Impromptu Thursday 13)

No month seems shorter, flies faster and disappears as quickly as December. It’s a month filled with fun and joy and full of things incomplete, projects undone and plenty of things put off until January. Or at least, that’s how it is for me – maybe you’ve got it all together! Every night I go to bed and I lay there thinking, “Oh and that’s got to get done and this hasn’t been finished and I’d better get this done…” We’ve officially passed the halfway point of the month, there are only 7 days til Christmas and THIS is what

13 Things I’d Like to Have in My Kitchen

With the kitchen makeover going on, it seemed appropriate to do this week’s Thursday 13 with the kitchen in mind. So if money were no object (isn’t it always) here’s a list for fun of all the things I’d like to fill my redone kitchen with. {I take donations in larger bills, mainly 100’s and 50’s.} KitchenAid Stand Mixer – I’ve always wanted one of these! It “BEATS” the heck out of a hand mixer. (Ar, ar.) The fact that you add attachments just makes it even neater. I really think I’d use it and I don’t think I’d mind