Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Bible Lesson

You probably don’t normally think “Charlie Brown” when you think of Bible lessons. You probably don’t think “chalk art,” either, for that matter. Our small church body is in that place where we have a small class with a few students in a wide range of ages, and teaching to each age simultaneously can be a bit of a challenge. (Thankfully, I do have a smidge of experience in that department.) That said, I do like to think outside the box a little bit. I initially thought I’d do this Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Chalk Art Tutorial from Hodge Podge at home with my

Thanksgiving Activities for Middle Schoolers

  It can be difficult to find good resources and activities for middle schoolers. It’s easier for preschool, kindergarten. . . everything up through third or fourth grade.  But you start getting in to those middle years and it does become more of a challenge. Why do you think that is? Thanksgiving Activities for Middle Schoolers I’ve noticed that “Middle School” has a wide variety of interpretations for different people–usually based on our own public school experience. My first year of middle school was 5th grade, but for many it’s 7th-8th grade. Some people I’ve met were in middle school from

10 Free Thanksgiving Resources

NOVEMBER ALREADY?? Goodness, it’s going to be Thanksgiving before we know it! With that in mind, I thought a Thanksgiving themed Ten on Tuesday list would be appropriate. =) How about ten free Thanksgiving resources? Actually, a few of these are lists so there’s a lot more than ten! These cover a variety of subject areas and age groups so have fun digging in! Also, don’t forget I have a great big “Free & Frugal Thanksgiving Resource” list myself. Ten Free Thanksgiving Resources 1.) 50 Free Fall Printables for Kids From Look We’re Learning, this isn’t solely Thanksgiving related but

Thanksgiving is Coming the Turkey’s Getting Fat…

Ok, so I completely ripped off that Christmas song… but it works! Are you ready? Thanksgiving plans are fast underway here. I’m in charge of the bird, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, the bread rolls and the pumpkin pie. My husband’s family will be joining us here at our house (and I only have a toaster oven) so I’m going to be cooking our turkey the day before at my mom’s house. You know… I’m thinking that might actually be pretty smart anyway. ; ) I don’t have any recipes to share because I pretty much do things straight and

Free & Frugal Thanksgiving Resources for the Savvy Homeschooler

Meaningful Thanksgiving Celebrations, Frugally I love holidays! Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. Many years ago the kids and I recreated an authentic Thanksgiving meal. The following year, we made American Indian costumes to wear while we ate a traditional meal. All of our research and ideas came from the internet, free of charge! With a little bit of creativity you can go Thanksgiving CRAZY without going “spend crazy.” From recipes to crafts to decorations to lesson plans to movies to costumes.. there is an abundance of free and frugal Thanksgiving holiday ideas to help you save money, learn about Thanksgiving, practice thankfulness, study


Quiet. I’ve been thinking. A little over a week ago we had an “adventure” that really rocked our routine. And not just our daily routine…that quickly recovered. But our regular routine way of thinking, our tomorrow’s going to be another repeat of today way of thinking, our comfy and lazy way of routine thinking. Weekend before last we thought we were going to lose our house, our things, everything but what we could pack into our car,… when a very, VERY, large wildfire came within 3/4 mile of our home. THREE QUARTERS OF A MILE. The fire began miles from