10 Pros and Cons of Eclectic Homeschooling

The Sweet Side of Eclectic Homeschool (The Benefits) 1.)  You can tailor each child’s learning experience specific to their needs. Need a harder math and an easier grammar program? Or vice versa? Challenge your children in their strengths and provide extra support and time in their weaker areas. 2.) You have the ability to pursue your own interests. Unlike with an all in one boxed curriculum, you get to choose which history period or area of science you will study. We love our history and science programs so much I couldn’t imagine home school without them (Mystery of History and

A Peek In My Fridge (Just for Fun.)

Have you ever wondered what other people keep in their refrigerator? I know that my mom almost never has salsa on hand, and we almost always do! People just have different “must haves” right? I’ve talked about eating healthy and I also talk about canning.. so just what exactly do I keep in my fridge anyway? In keeping with the “fun and random” feel for today, I’m not going to bore with just a straight list of refrigerator staples. But what is it about MY refrigerator supplies that might be different than yours? Well, let’s see… 1. Lots of canned

10 Great Books for the Homeschool Mom

Hey, homeschool mom. As you’re making out your wishlist for the new school year, happily plunking books for the kids in your virtual shopping basket,..have you stopped to peruse some books for yourself? I know, I know, you don’t have time to read right? (Neither do I. Truth is, I fit it in a page here, a few pages there. It’s hard work!) But it’s also true that we need encouragement, truth, and education, too. There are tons of books out there, and I’m sure there are plenty of great ones that I haven’t read and won’t list here today.

10 Little Things That Make My Day Run More Smoothly

I haven’t been a doing great job lately, I can FEEL it. It actually started back at the beginning of this year. The first month or two was fine, I think. But then I started taking on more and more commitments. And then I flew off to Baltimore at the beginning of March (and that was a lot of FUN,) and I had some reviews and some giveaways, there was an ebook, and I decided to try to blog every day for all 12 Days of Easter and it was all downhill from there. I feel like I’ve spent the

10 Things I’ve learned about blogging while homeschooling.

This past year has been crazy (but in a totally good way.) One year ago I joined the iHomeschool Network and felt God leading me back into blogging for income. Blogging has now become my job. I’m not getting rich or anything, but hey! I’m paying some bills. That’s really cool and all, but, well, it’s not my only job right? For the past year I’ve also been trying to learn how to work and teach and play and get it all done. I need to blog, and clean, and school, and enjoy my children. How?? Ten Things I’ve Learned

10 Things About Me Right Now

For the last week of the iHomeschool Network themed 10 Weeks of Top Ten posts at Many Little Blessings, the theme is “things about me.” Well, that’s really broad. But school is coming up, I’ve got several projects I’m working on and some other changes going on right now, so how about ten things I’ve got going on in my life right now? Our wedding anniversary is coming up! On August 1st, we’ll have been married for FOURTEEN years! Also on August 1st, I’ll be releasing my very first ebook. I already know what I’m going to do for my