Ten Free History Resources

Y’all know I like free!! Whether you need to DIY your history this year or whether you just want to supplement your curriculum, here’s a list of free history resources for all ages. Learn Out Loud – Free history audio and video, both online and for download. Examples include: The Gettysburg Address, Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine, and Greek myths. Gutenberg – Free children’s history books at Gutenberg, arranged by category. Heritage History – yes, they have cd libraries and curriculum but they also have a free online library. Ben’s Guide

Ten Free Math Resources

Math: You love it or you hate it. Math gets a bad rap. What’s wrong with math? Okay, okay, I hear you. It’s hard for me, too. But math is consistent, there’s always a pattern, there’s always a right answer. I kinda love that part. =) Math is something that we *do* spend a certain amount of money on here at our house – mostly because I’m *not* very good at it, and also because my oldest isn’t either. But had God not provided the money for her Teaching Textbooks curriculum (everybody say OUCH for that price tag!!), or for

Ten Free Language Arts Resources

Language Arts is one of the things that I really don’t spend a lot of money on – that’s because there are really so many great resources that allow you to do that for free! In the “leaner” years I’ve leaned on this more, and on the “fatter” years I’ve invested in a little more for grammar and writing. Whether you use free language arts resources because you need to or want to, here’s a list of resources for a variety of ages. Free Language Arts Resources Grammar Grammar Workbooks From Scholastic Literary Place (Grades 1-6) The Big Grammar Book,