Summer Reading Round-Up

Summer reading round-up! Any time is a good time to read a book! But there are few times better than on a hot summer afternoon, relaxing with a book and a cold, iced drink. I’ve been a busy reader this summer! Well, compared to my reading record lately. One of my goals for this more intentional, more relaxed summer is to read more books. I’m currently finishing up the Narnia anthology that I purchased a few years ago. So far this summer I have read Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and The Silver Chair. One more book

Making Summer Wishlists

I don’t think we have ever needed a Summer break more than we do right now. We’re behind on all sorts of things all over the place and my Inner List-Checker is having a fit because there’s no time for breaks! (See previous post: Inner List-Checker is closely related to Bossy Houseguest.) But even with all the unfinished business on our plates, I know that a break is exactly what we need. More specifically, TIME is what we need. Summer TIME Time to relax. Time to breathe. Time to do things as a family. Time for fun. Time for rest.

A Mom’s Summer Reading List

With all this talk of Summer reading lists, I’ve been thinking about all the unfinished books on my own list. In fact, I used to take more time to read than I have been taking now, for years. I was toying with the idea of creating my own Summer reading list when a friend sent me this: I love this idea for creating a reading list. It’s almost random and nonsensical–choosing a book simply because of something on the cover or in the title? But it’s fun and just the sort of thing I need this Summer. A Mom’s Summer

10 Things I Love About Summer

  I’m not one of those “I love Summer” kind of people. It’s too hot. It’s too sweaty. But Summer’s not ALL bad. There are *some* things I like about Summer. It may not be Summer here yet as far as the calendar is concerned.. but let me tell you–it’s Summer here in Texas! 10 Things I (actually do) Love About Summer (which I’m not a fan of.) 1.) Sandals, flip flops, and bare feet.  — True, I wear these all throughout the year unless it’s COLD but I like being able to wear warm weather shoes so freely. 2.)

How to Survive Summer Boredom (And Heat) With Young Children

Summer is now upon us! For those of you with children in public and private schools, your children now have more free time on their hands and a greater probability of uttering the words, “Mom, I’m BORED.” For those of you who homeschool, you find yourself suddenly out of routine and in need of “something to do.”

Sweet Shot Tuesday – Night Lights

Texas Summer Sunset Sitting in my neighbor’s front yard waiting for the arrival of the dark, the sun boasts it’s last orange rays. Clashing with the approaching indigo, splashes of pinks and purples spread through the sky. Perhaps the sunset looks the same in the middle of winter, perhaps not. Still it seems that sunsets like these scream, “long live summer.” Sparklers After Dark Independence Day sparklers paired with the free spirit of a 7 year old in summer, I can nearly smell the warm, night air through the photograph. Like a slightly fuzzy childhood memory, the long-open-shutter softens the