Healthy Banana-Stuffed Chocolate French Toast

You don’t typically hear the words “healthy” and “french toast” in the same sentence, right? At least, not the way I normally make them–with sugar in the egg & milk dip, with enough oil in the skillet to get a nice sugary cripsy crust around the edges, and with plenty of butter and syrup. Tasty? Yes. Healthy? Notsomuch. So on my “no added sugar” diet, I had to come up with a healthy, tasty way to make my french toast if I was going be able to participate in french toast breakfast with the kids. And you know what? I succeeded!

8 Ways to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet (And LIKE it.)

When you hear the phrase “no sugar” you automatically think of a world where you’ll never eat anything sweet and tasty ever again. That’s simply not true! The truth is that cutting sugar means cutting *added* sugars,* and there’s a whole world of naturally occurring sweet things out there to savor. It’s true that you’ll have to give up some of your favorite things – but who knows? You may find some new favorites to replace them with. =) 8 Ways to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet 1.Cut out the obvious offenders. Lay off the cookies, the candy, the