Thirteen Things I Love About Spring

Ah, Spring is in the air! Well, SOME days it is. Here in Texas, it’s kind of bouncing back and forth a little bit. 😉 But you can definitely feel a change in the air that milder weather is on the way – and boy does it feel good! For one thing, I’m something of a sissy – not one for freezing temps and wilting in anything warmer than about 80 degrees. I should SO totally not live in Texas. But I do. And I’m happy here. I digress. 😉 What I CAN do is enjoy the wonderful weather while

13 Things I’m Putting in My Patio Garden

Thirteen Things I’m Putting in My Patio Garden (1) Red Beefsteak Heirloom Tomato plant (1) Husky Cherry Red Hybrid Tomato plant (1) Sweet 100 Hybrid Tomato plant (1) Jalapeno Pepper plant (1) Red Bell Pepper plant (1) Cilantro plant (1) Fernleaf Dill plant (a lot) Yellow Onions (they just came in this big bunch, I didn’t count them) (a lot) Red Onions (my mother in law and I split all the onions in half and shared them) (a lot) Sweet Texas White Onions (so it’s not like I’m going to have onions coming out of my ears – I hope.)