10 Ways to Make Homeschool Fun

Ten random thoughts, off the top of my head, about making learning fun. (In no particular order.) How to Make Learning at Home Fun! Make things – This is one of my little boy’s FAVORITE things to do. After we learn about something, he wants to go make it–build it with legos, mold it with playdough, craft it with pipe cleaners… I’m trying to remember to encourage him to do this at least once a day! The girls aren’t as hands on as he is, but they love this, too. Sometimes we have experiments planned, and when we don’t, we

Danger: Quicksand Ahead

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I feel better. I just had to get that out. For the past month I’ve been holding it in, I haven’t had time to blog much because everything else is so crazy! I feel like I need to pause Today. Can we PAUSE Today? For like, maybe 48 hours? That would be awesome. Why have I been feeling this way? What’s changed? NORMAL changed. Normal flew out the window. There’s a new Normal in town. It’s a GOOD Normal, but it’s a NEW one and new Normal messed with old Routine. Old Routine just isn’t cutting it anymore. SIONARA

Busy & Bribery

The last few weeks have been very busy!! Two weeks ago we went down to my parents’ house and helped them pack and move back up here.. we also helped them unpack and settle in quite a bit over the next few days. Over that weekend, I watched my sister in law walk across the stage as she graduated with her Master’s Degree. Yay! This past week we worked on staying busy with our school and getting our house back in order from all the traveling and back and forth and running around. We still have six more weeks of

How to Beat The Summer Heat

It’s that time of year again. SUMMER! Swimming pools, outdoor fun, and higher temperatures. It gets pretty hot here in central Texas and also in our house which doesn’t have particularly good air conditioning (like 90 degrees inside sometimes!) Last year we devised a way to make it through the hot afternoons, and it seems it’s time to switch back to the same summer schedule as before. 1.) First off, we need to do the bulk of our chores in the morning, before it gets so hot that we don’t want to lift a finger. We can do school after