3 Reasons A Dedicated School Room Does Work For Us

“Do I need a separate school room to homeschool my kids?”  How many times have you seen this question asked? Have you asked it yourself? Maybe you’re wondering if you can pull this off well if you don’t even have a space to call “the school room.” Truth is, we’ve done it both ways, and I can tell you there are pros and cons to both. We currently have the space for a devoted homeschool room, complete with desks and everything, and I love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Wait (you say,)— aren’t you a relaxed homeschooler

Our School Room – Back to (Home) School 2013

My favorite post of the carnival! It’s time to share your school spaces. I’m not encouraging school room envy. We’ve had whole school rooms, we’ve had school stuff spread throughout the house and done school at the table. Now is the time to share how you’re using the space you have and what works for you! I’m particularly excited about this one because we have a new school space. Technically, a little breakfast nook area off of the kitchen, the nook was originally open to a sun room on the other side. When we moved in, we built a wall

5 Things for the New School Room

  We moved in the middle of our school year and with that came a bigger and better space to do and store our school work. Over the past seven months we’ve used it a little bit and we’ve made do with what we had–but before the new school year begins I want to finish getting it ready and making it usable (you know, the way I see it in my head.) 😉 Our first dilemma was a need for more furniture (furniture we didn’t have because we didn’t have room before.) I’ve already set up our two new bookcases

2012-2013 ~ Our Homeschool Area

Updated 8/12/12:  The Not Back to School Blog Hop is going on over at iHomeschool Network. I’m joining in and linking this up. Check it out! Our Homeschool Area I’d love to have a devoted school room again, or at least a whole half a room–like shared with a home office or something–but we still have our little school corner here in the living room again this year. (Yes we did share Big Daddy’s home office once in the past, and it worked well, but we were overtaking it! And now it’s half office and half music studio anyway..) Not

Back to School Countdown

I had a little mini panic today. People all over Facebook and Twitter were talking about their first day of school and I immediately wanted to hyperventilate as I thought about our fast approaching first day!! *breathe in, breath out* Originally planned for next Monday, hubs and I agreed to move it to the following Monday because of some things on the calendar that will make starting school next week extra difficult. So I get an extra week! Yay! And I feel like I need it, too. I still need to order our history curriculum and I’m not mentally ready

In Which My Hubby Might Actually Be Right. Again.

Yes, I know it will be a huge gold star on his ego. I’m okay if you don’t tell him (he’ll figure it out soon enough anyway!) At the beginning of the school year I mentioned that Big Daddy had suggested that we do school out in his office–a small one-room building apart from the house, used by our landlords originally as (wait for it…) a SCHOOL ROOM. Imagine that. I admit I have resisted that idea for a while now, though I briefly toyed with the idea at the beginning of the school year, and by the time the