Music with Mike Mulligan from Maestro Classics (Review)

What do you get when you cross a favorite childhood tale with an orchestra? You get Maestro Classics. 😉 I’m making an effort to fit more music study into our week and one of the ways I’m doing that is with Maestro Classics cds. We’ve taken our kids to the orchestra before, and they enjoyed it okay, but the thing about Maestro Classics is that it brings the orchestra to your kids — both physically, but also on their level. I’ve had my eye on them for a long, long time, and we’re finally diving in and trying them out

A Feminine Look with Lilla Rose (Review)

I’ve been thinking a lot about femininity. There’s something about swirly skirts, soft fabrics and pretty accessories that make the girly girl in me feel like a lady. I’ve been talking about it with my friends and I’ve been thinking about it a lot – feeling feminine and womanly is nice. Why the Lilla Rose Clips? Most days find me in my comfy pants and oversized tshirts with my messy bun or my ponytail. I’m sure that my husband doesn’t mind (because let’s face it, he will still find me attractive in oversized tshirts and comfy pants.) The problem I’ve

Times Tales – A Multi-Sensory Way to Learn Times Tables (A Review)

Yesterday I shared our favorite math curriculum, now let me share one of our favorite supplemental math products: Times Tales. Something about trying to learn Times Tables is daunting and frustrating for both parent and child. Perhaps it is simply because there is so much to remember. Perhaps it’s because the most common way to learn the Multiplication Table is through reciting – which is great for kids who primarily learn through auditory means but is frustrating for others. Whichever the case, many kids struggle with remembering and recalling multiplication facts. Times Tales Makes Times Tables Fun So what is

Learning Art & Art History With See the Light Art Projects (Review)

Poppy Collages à la Georgia O’Keeffe Anything that involves paper, glue and scissors is a “Win” in our home. When Princess was 3, I would sit her down with construction paper and safety scissors to let her cut tiny little pieces of “confetti” for craft projects. It would occupy her for hours. She used to love to cut pictures out of magazines by theme or letter sound and glue them into a collage for school projects. Princess isn’t 3 anymore – she’s 13, and she still loves art, and likes to play with scissors and glue. In fact, Princess is

Why We Love Horizons Math For Our Busy Learners – A Review

Ever since an Alpha Omega representative took time to comment on my post “Horizons Versus Lifepac,” we’ve been sold. It’s a really good fit for my Drama Queen who grasps the math concepts fairly quickly and easily but tires of a math lesson that drags on too long or gets too repetitive. Imagine my surprise (not) when her younger brother turned out to be the exact same way? So here we go on Horizons Math, Round 2! My “math-genius-I-might-be-biased” son and his short attention span work well with the short, colorful sections and the spiraling content. I love it when

Dissections, Scalpels and Organs, Oh my! (A Home Science Tools Review.)

When I think about 7th grade science, I think “dissections.” What about you? Did you enjoy them, hate them, avoid them?  We were blessed to be in a school where we could work on dissections individually or in pairs. I never minded doing dissections and I knew since beginning this journey that dissections were one of those “public school experiences” I wanted my home schooled kids to be able to have. Aren’t my kids lucky? Our first home dissection was an owl pellet dissection a few years ago. In fact, I think that was actually my first experience with Home