Swan Lake Unit Study with Maestro Classics (Giveaway)

I have two girly girls. Girls who have each dreamed of being a ballerina, danced in tutus around the house, and sat through every minute of “Barbie’s Swan Lake” more times than we can count. We’ve never actually been to the ballet, though we would like to go. And we’ve heard excerpts at various symphony performances, but we’ve never listened to the entire Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. Of course, there’s a big difference between BARBIE’S Swan Lake and THE Swan Lake. (We didn’t know how it really ends!) Reviewing the Swan Lake CD by Maestro Classics has turned out to

Maestro Classics “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” Review

  I’ve shared Maestro Classics with you before, but today I want to share more about the Online Curriculum Guides for the CDs. What are they, how can you use them to take the CD even farther, how do they help make the learning even more fun and educational? Travel with me to 19th century France to learn about the history behind Paul Dukas’ symphonic poem, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice!” The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Maestro Classics The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a symphonic poem (an orchestral piece that contains a story) written by 19th century French composer, Paul Dukas. The symphony, inspired

Conquering Pre-Algebra With Uzinggo Online Math (Review)

**This is a compensated review. Find my full disclosure at the end of this post. Enter to win a math & science membership below.** We have a nemesis in this house. Its name is Math. My 13 year old has never liked math, never excelled at it, always worked at it, and we’ve been through a variety of math materials to help her succeed as best she can. She does not like math. Frustratingly, last year’s Pre-Algebra book didn’t get her very far. We’re beginning this school year feeling… behind. We need math help. So it’s for this reason that

Party with Usborne Books! (Review)

How much do I like books? You should know that answer by now…have you seen our bookshelves? 😉 And that’s not even all the books that we own, only the ones that belong in the school area. As I said, we like books. So, naturally, a Mommy Time Party about fun things for homeschoolers and back to school stuff is going to include some books right? We have several favorite series and publishers, but today I’d like to introduce you to Usborne Books–and my friend and Usborne consultant, Jeni. Jeni’s going to be giving away a book and a gift certificate

Studying Ancient Science – Dinosaur Days Unit from WinterPromise (Review)

What do you do when your kid really likes science but you’re not very clever in the science department? As I’ve mentioned many times before, my son is a science nut. I like science, too, but without a book telling me what to do, I’m pretty helpless. So then, we need great resources for science, right? As the youngest of my children, my son is following along in our group science with his sisters. He loves it and he does well, but his favorite part is the experiment at the end of each chapter. He can hardly wait! So when

Westward Ho! Exploring American History with Homeschool Legacy (Review)

How Do I Teach American History? I’ve been asking myself this question. Going into the new school year, I knew that one thing I really needed to do was find some way to teach American History on a deeper level than what we’ve done already. As we continue to work through World History with the Mystery of History, we needed to find a way to study American History, too. How was I going to do this? And then at the Teach Them Diligently convention in Nashville, I discovered Homeschool Legacy’s Once-A-Week unit studies. Eager to try the Once-A-Week unit studies