Healthy Banana-Stuffed Chocolate French Toast

You don’t typically hear the words “healthy” and “french toast” in the same sentence, right? At least, not the way I normally make them–with sugar in the egg & milk dip, with enough oil in the skillet to get a nice sugary cripsy crust around the edges, and with plenty of butter and syrup. Tasty? Yes. Healthy? Notsomuch. So on my “no added sugar” diet, I had to come up with a healthy, tasty way to make my french toast if I was going be able to participate in french toast breakfast with the kids. And you know what? I succeeded!

Home Canned: Peach Mango Drink Concentrate

My mom is on a drink concentrate kick (and I get to benefit!) One of my many goals in canning is to stock my pantry with simpler homemade versions of treats that we enjoy. Instead of buying soda or koolaid, we can make canned drink concentrates for special treats. Concentrates are made with fruit, lemon or lime juice and sugar. Yes, it has sugar in it (and the regular recipe calls for quite a bit,) but you can cut the sugar back as much as you want, or you can also use either Splenda or Stevia. The plus side is

Home Canned Pasta Sauce

Until a few weeks ago I’d never eaten homemade pasta sauce (let alone home CANNED pasta sauce.) NEVER. I’ve always bought canned sauce from the store. After making and trying homemade pasta sauce I feel like my tastebuds have been cheated for the past 33 years. Seriously. Our first batch of pasta sauce didn’t last very long so this week I helped my mom make some more! For this batch we used Mrs. Wages Pasta Sauce mix. Scoring the ends of the roma tomatoes and blanching them makes the skins slip right off. Look – see? Naked tomatoes. Blend them

Thirteen Things You Can Make With Flour

It’s no secret flour is a major staple in any kitchen. And yet for many years of our marriage I rarely had it on hand. As if you needed any further proof that you ought to keep plenty of flour on hand (or in case you do) here’s a list of some things you can do with all purpose flour. Thirteen Things You Can Make With Flour Look below to check out these five fun flour recipes: Natural and Safe Playing Dough Homemade Glue Paste Homemade Clay (Air Dry or Bake) DIY Flour Fingerpaint Simple and Safe Cloud Dough Then

Free & Frugal Thanksgiving Resources for the Savvy Homeschooler

Meaningful Thanksgiving Celebrations, Frugally I love holidays! Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. Many years ago the kids and I recreated an authentic Thanksgiving meal. The following year, we made American Indian costumes to wear while we ate a traditional meal. All of our research and ideas came from the internet, free of charge! With a little bit of creativity you can go Thanksgiving CRAZY without going “spend crazy.” From recipes to crafts to decorations to lesson plans to movies to costumes.. there is an abundance of free and frugal Thanksgiving holiday ideas to help you save money, learn about Thanksgiving, practice thankfulness, study

Bringing Frugality Home – Homemade Yogurt

Originally published November 9, 2008. Making your own yogurt is really so easy! And frugal, too. ************ If you like yogurt, but you don’t like the price – have you ever considered making your own? Stephanie at a Year’s Worth of CrockPotting has a recipe for making homemade yogurt in your crockpot – and it’s really easy! REALLY. EASY. As she said, it came out a little on the thin side – but the Dannon fat free plain yogurt I buy is also a little thin, and I don’t mind it. Next time I think I’ll let it sit a