Terror By Night

“Terror By Night” is a true story. A real life “Job” story, Terry Caffey shares what it was like surviving the gruesome murder of his family, escaping his burning home, and enduring the many months of rehabilitation and pain as his 16 year old daughter waited in jail, accused of masterminding the whole thing. But this story is more than that. It’s more than just a recounting of the horrible events that occurred in the middle of the night in that small Texas town. It’s more than just sharing his side of events that media may have skewed. “Terror By

Loving Reading: A Prince’s Tale

Learning to read begins before a child is actually able to read the letters on the page and decipher their meanings. Before children learn to read, they learn what books are, what they are for, how to hold them and how to copy reading. They learn that they are supposed to turn the pages from right to left, and that the reading goes from left to right. Before their little brains can interpret the meaning of the markings on the page, they come to understand that there IS meaning in the markings on the page waiting to be interpreted. A