Multiple Ages: How to plan a group subject with one text

One of the many benefits of eclectic homeschooling is the ability to choose one text for a subject and teach your children as a group at mixed ages. We do this with Bible, worldview, science and history. We’ve also done this with a few other things along the way, such as GrammarLand. And by the way, we love it! It did seem a little daunting at first, though. I poured through catalogs looking for something made for this purpose, and there’s not much out there. I wondered, “How do you do this?” We’ve been doing group subjects for four years

Back to (Home) School ~ Planning Our Days

Welcome back to the third week of Back to (Home) School, in which we discuss how we plan our lessons and schedule our days. I like using planners; I think it’s the visual organization that appeals to me most. I’m not one of those uber-diligent planner users, though. (I’m thinking about trying to become one!) Even if I don’t use our homeschool planner everyday, it still benefits me to have one. Last year I went out on a limb and did something c-r-a-z-y. I sat down with my planner and our curriculum and filled out the whole year. I intended

How I Use and Customize My Well Planned Day Lesson Planner

My Well Planned Day arrived yesterday! I’m so excited. After many attempts at trying many different methods,…a couple of years ago I finally resigned myself to the fact that I am just a ‘paper and pen’ kind of person. (I already knew that, I was just fighting it. ) I’m also not going to be diligent enough to create my own, nor will I be happy printing one off in black and white (because lets face it, I like color.) This will be my 3rd year using a Well Planned Day planner and, for all these reasons and more, I’m

Organizing Your Homeschool Day for Grace {Not Pride and Your Own Agenda}

Welcome back as we continue our 10 Days of Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Homeschooling!  Today we meet Michelle from Beautiful Mess,  continuing the topic of over-planning.. to the point of organizing God and His Grace right out of your homeschool day! (Or, how not to…) ~~ Organizing Your Homeschool Day for Grace {Not Pride and Your Own Agenda} One of my favorite sayings before this deconstruction of mom began: “Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part.” Hmmmm, kind of selfish and rude, don’t ya think? What part of that would Jesus really like?

How to Over-Plan, Over-Schedule and Drive Yourself Crazy

Welcome!! Thank you for joining in as we kick off Day 1 of the “10 Days of Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Homeschooling!” Today we begin with friend, first year homeschooler, and guest-poster Jeni from Peace and Carrots! Thank, you, Jeni! ~~ How to Over-plan, Over-schedule, and Drive Yourself Crazy When we started on our homeschooling journey roughly one year ago, I was eager and enthusiastic. I read books, blogs, articles, and anything else I could get my hands on, filling my mind with all kinds of options and approaches for what homeschooling would look like for our family.