Beginning Photography As An Elective

It seems like photography is huge right now, and my Arielle has been bitten by the Photography Bug. With several of her friends also interested in photography, it was bound to happen. But it’s not something she wants to do just because her friends are doing it–she really likes it and she really does have a good eye for photography. So I did what any good homeschool mom would do and I decided we need to add “Beginning Photography” to her school classes. =) One of the best perks of homeschooling is being able to include a child’s interests as part of

Sweet Shot Tuesday – Night Lights

Texas Summer Sunset Sitting in my neighbor’s front yard waiting for the arrival of the dark, the sun boasts it’s last orange rays. Clashing with the approaching indigo, splashes of pinks and purples spread through the sky. Perhaps the sunset looks the same in the middle of winter, perhaps not. Still it seems that sunsets like these scream, “long live summer.” Sparklers After Dark Independence Day sparklers paired with the free spirit of a 7 year old in summer, I can nearly smell the warm, night air through the photograph. Like a slightly fuzzy childhood memory, the long-open-shutter softens the

Popinjay: Dainty

A little late but what else is new? I’ve been missing out on Popinjay the last few weeks so hey, at least I’m getting it up – right? =P This week’s Popinjay photo prompt is “Dainty.” I had planned on taking a picture of the roses my husband bought me for our anniversary on Sunday. But they were left at my mother-in-law’s house until yesterday and then I noticed that a lot of other people had the flower idea, too. ;0) And then this flew in our school room today: THAT.. Is a Red-tailed Specter Moth. Tiny little thing. Drama

Just Call Me “Mrs. Grumpy”

Annoyed. In black and white, mild-mannered clouds look ominous. The contrast betrays. Light, fluffy clouds above; sunlight peeking through. Underneath, annoyed clouds gathering momentum build and fester. When they reach their breaking point, the black will spill out and after the rage they will be empty. Like me. Lately, I have been really annoyed. A LOT. Not constantly, thank goodness. But more often than not. And that.. well, that annoys me. (Go figure.) And too easily, the irritation builds and builds and in one swift move I cross the line from annoyed to angry. And the black spills out. The

Popinay, Savvy, Pirates and a Sparrow

As soon as I hear the word “savvy” I get the image of Jack Sparrow flashing to mind, making some kind of witty or absurd statement and then asking, “Savvy??” Perhaps this is because we’ve seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies a combined total of about 3 million, 257 seven thousand, 4 hundred and 2 times. At least. And this is because I have a four year old pirate-crazy boy. Which is fine by me because I like the pirates. (Or maybe I just like pirates that look like Orlando Bloom, whichever the case may be.) At any rate,