Teaching Reading with Word Families: Ten Days of How to Teach Your Child to Read

Teaching Reading with Word Families One of the things I like to do for reading is to work with word families. Word family exercises built around a phonics rule can help a child practice both a phonics approach and recognizing phonemes and words by sight. Using word families reinforces the patterns in the reading. Patterns make it easy for the kids to make and remember connections. Using Word Families for Phonics Most of the phonemes can be divided into groups that follow the same guideline. For example, when you find a word that is consonant-vowel-consonant, the vowel usually makes a

Approaches to Teaching Reading : 10 Days of How to Teach Your Child to Read

The different approaches to teaching reading: Your pre-reader is showing the signs and the interest in learning to read, so it’s time to start, right? There are two main approaches to reading: phonics and sight word. There is also a third approach which combines the two. I tend toward the third approach, with a little more emphasis on the phonics. First, let’s take a brief look at each. What is a Phonics Approach to Reading? A phonics approach teaches the relationships between the letters (graphemes) and their sounds (phonemes) so that a child may “decode” words and sound them out

Overcoming Obstacles & Phonics ~ ABC’S of Homeschooling

Obstacles. I can’t say that word without thinking of “O Brother, Where Are Thou” and how they say it as OB’STACK’els. But I digress. Obstacles are a part of life, and most certainly, a part of homeschooling. There is almost an unwritten guarantee that your child will dislike and struggle with either math or reading. (Or if not one of those, writing.) In our house we’ve run up against all three. Princess had some difficulty grasping math, Drama Queen had trouble learning to read, and now they both take issue with writing. Now, however, the issue isn’t that they *can’t*