When a Boy Wants a Pet Lizard

Boyz. After having two girls, sometimes my son throws me for a loop. I hear from my mother-in-law (who had three boys) that my son is a lot like his father when he was younger. But even though I sometimes don’t understand him, he always makes life more interesting and entertaining. So only having one boy, I don’t know if it’s a generic boy trait or just a personality trait that leads my son to a room cleaning method that lacks, well, any resemblance to actual cleaning. For most of his almost eight years of life, he hasn’t really been

Kicking Off the New Year, Live Animals, and Music ~ The ABC’s of Homeschooling

Here we are nearly 3 weeks into the new year and I haven’t done a single ABC’s of Homeschooling post! In fact, I haven’t done many posts at all! There’s been several things going on over here. We got back into school after a long break (sorta, more on that in a minute,) we got a baby cockatiel, we’ve been sick — not very fun, and we’ve got some new and exciting things planned for the 2nd half of the year. Let me catch you up on what’s going on at Faith Family Home School right now! Kicking Off the

And then there were none… A fish tale.

A year and a half ago, three children bought their first aquarium, with much glee and joy and silly fish-naming. The three children loved their betta fish and three zebra danios, and their relationship began with much adventure. One of the three magic-lucky-disappearing-reappearing Danios did eventually pass on and the rest of the happy go lucky fish found new friends through one dwarf guarami, one aquatic frog, one sea snail and one male fancy guppy. They all got along swimmingly,… except for the frog who immediately.. CROAKED. The sea snail quickly became the family favorite. He was so intriguing to