99 Things Your Kids Need to Know Before They Move Out

Preparing our kids for adulthood is a process that takes, oh,. . . about 18 years give or take. Really. . Every single thing we have done in our child’s life up to this point has been for the accomplishment of this one goal: to raise a little, tiny human being into a full-size human being who can take the baton from us and carry on. In fact, it’s very much like a relay race, in which the baton pass is a process with a series of steps. Picture the parent, carrying the baton and running the race, and as the pass

Reminding Myself Why I Homeschool

A few days ago I noticed a piece of paper which had fallen down behind the aquarium stand. I “fished” it out from between the stand and the wall to discover that it was the list of “reasons why we homeschool” which used to hang on the bulletin board above the aquarium. It was wrinkled and showed signs of water damage on one corner. It was stained and dirty with a half dozen thumbtack holes and a handful of smudgy fingerprints. Misplaced, worn… it looks like I feel. I haven’t exactly been 100% happy with our schooling for the past couple

The Best Part of Homeschooling

The Best Part of Homeschooling Do you know what the best part of homeschooling is?  Is it the ability to tailor a child’s education to their needs? Or the ability to tailor a curriculum plan to a certain worldview? What about the opportunity to educate at an advanced pace if desired, to graduate early and get a head start on college? Or the ability to provide a safe place to learn where it’s okay to make mistakes and ask silly questions in order to foster a true love of learning? All of these things are wonderful benefits, but to me,

How Do We Teach Self-Esteem?

I don’t agree with child-centric parenting. I am not going to tell you that your child’s self-esteem is the most important thing, or that your child needs to be built up so much they think they are the most special person on the planet, or that your kids don’t need to hear hard truths. But I do agree with building your children up, pouring into them, giving them the self confidence to do well in life and the self-esteem to love who they are how God made them. This is something that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about lately,

Making Summer Wishlists

I don’t think we have ever needed a Summer break more than we do right now. We’re behind on all sorts of things all over the place and my Inner List-Checker is having a fit because there’s no time for breaks! (See previous post: Inner List-Checker is closely related to Bossy Houseguest.) But even with all the unfinished business on our plates, I know that a break is exactly what we need. More specifically, TIME is what we need. Summer TIME Time to relax. Time to breathe. Time to do things as a family. Time for fun. Time for rest.

Homeschooling the Extrovert, Part Two

Homeschooling the Extrovert, Part Two It may seem like an extra bit of a challenge to homeschool your social butterfly, but as we considered yesterday, it’s not too big of a challenge. You can do it!  Yes, your social butterfly will like to have many friends, and many things to go do with those friends. But as we discussed yesterday, it’s not essential that kids are with their friends all the time, or that they are going and doing things all the time. You can make sure they get their needs met, but one of those needs is also knowing