2012-2013 ~ Our Homeschool Area

Updated 8/12/12:  The Not Back to School Blog Hop is going on over at iHomeschool Network. I’m joining in and linking this up. Check it out! Our Homeschool Area I’d love to have a devoted school room again, or at least a whole half a room–like shared with a home office or something–but we still have our little school corner here in the living room again this year. (Yes we did share Big Daddy’s home office once in the past, and it worked well, but we were overtaking it! And now it’s half office and half music studio anyway..) Not

Organizing Your Homeschool Day for Grace {Not Pride and Your Own Agenda}

Welcome back as we continue our 10 Days of Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Homeschooling!  Today we meet Michelle from Beautiful Mess,  continuing the topic of over-planning.. to the point of organizing God and His Grace right out of your homeschool day! (Or, how not to…) ~~ Organizing Your Homeschool Day for Grace {Not Pride and Your Own Agenda} One of my favorite sayings before this deconstruction of mom began: “Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part.” Hmmmm, kind of selfish and rude, don’t ya think? What part of that would Jesus really like?

ABC’s of Homeschooling ~ Workcharts (Workboxes.)

Once upon a time.. there was a fairy princess. No, it was a homeschool mom. And she found a magic wishing rock that would make all her dreams come true. No, that’s not true either. It was a new homeschool system that was going to fix all of her problems. And it did. Sorta. Well, some of them. The system worked, it did what it was supposed to do. But you see, systems are designed to produce certain outcomes, with specific goals in mind. The problem wasn’t the system, it was that the homeschool mom’s goals changed so the system