Coming Soon: The Operation Christmas Child TEN DOLLAR CHALLENGE!

It’s “Back to School” season and sales are in the air! Moms are grabbing up the great deals like a kid in a candy sale. Are you one of them? This year as you’re cruising the back-to-school sales, (or the after school sales) the Samaritan’s Purse Bloggers would like to issue a challenge to you. While you’re out and about, we want to challenge you to think ahead and shop for your Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. What better time to stock up on things like pencils and pencil sharpeners than right now? So we have a challenge. Our challenge

Operation Christmas Child: Collection Week is here!

After weeks of planning, organizing, packing and labeling, today I’ll be taking the 22 OCC boxes collected by our church to a drop off location nearby. Twenty-two! Our church is very small and this was our first time to do this so I’m really pleased with the way people responded and showed their generosity. I’ve mentioned how much I love our little church family, and this is one of the reasons why – that they are open to what God puts on one family member’s heart and that they respond to it. I’ve seen it happen several times. It’s wonderful

Operation Christmas Child: A Little Box and a Big Heart

Over the years we have participated in Operation Christmas Child, through Samaritan’s Purse, many times. I enjoy their program and what they do, they have a good mission. My children enjoy participating because this ministry is a little more tangible for them than some others, packing a box for a child their own age. And I enjoy watching them open their hearts wide as they fill the box as full as they can because they want to bless the child as much as possible. This is why I am so pleased to announce that I’ve joined a team of bloggers

A Lesson In Giving: Operation Christmas Child

As Christians we are called to have a heart that gives and serves gladly-all year round. Yet giving really takes the spotlight during the holidays. I try to encourage my children to be giving and to meet needs whenever they see them: Proverbs 3:27 – Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. Of course they are KIDS and often forget this admonishment; they must be frequently reminded that if they can help their sister/brother then they should go ahead and do it. At Christmas I like to encourage my children

Advent Event, Day 4: The Spirit of Giving

We know that Christmas is about giving, and about the greatest gift ever given. But we also know that it’s the GETTING that often takes center stage. How do we overcome that, especially with our children? Encouraging our children to give of their time or resources is a good start. Let it be said that we should have giving hearts all year long. During the holidays, people can feel particularly lonely, discontented and sad. During the winter, needs can be felt more severely. Throughout this holiday season, you can find many opportunities to give if you look around a little.