3 Ways to Help ADHD Kids Learn Math

Nothing in our homeschooling journey has made me cry more than trying to teach my 14 year old daughter math. There have been tears, frustrations, sulky looks, and harsh words — and a good portion of them were my own. (And then there were more tears because I’m not proud of that.) It’s not entirely Arielle’s fault, though. Her brain and her body are not cooperating. They are actually working together against her, in spite of her best efforts. The only part that actually falls on her is saying “I can’t” and giving up. Though I’ve always suspected she has some attention

3 Websites to Exercise Online For Free (Healthy Habits)

What holds you back from exercise? Maybe you have a legitimate doctor’s note: you’re recovering from surgery, you had a baby last week, etc, etc. But apart from real reasons.. what’s your excuse? Don’t have time? Don’t have a place? Don’t have equipment? Don’t know where to start? Oh, believe me, I’m not pointing fingers.. I’m listing all of MY excuses! But they are excuses really. How does the saying go? If something is important you’ll find a way, if it’s not you’ll make excuses – something like that. After being sick with a head cold that totally sapped my