Back to School 2016-2017: 11th, 8th, 5th Grade

Back to School 2016!! I can’t believe summer is over. I am unusually unready for the start of the school year–and my favorite season of the year (fall.) I don’t mean I’m not ready with curriculum or books or an organized school space (though, I’m not exactly prepared there, either.) I’ve been resting my heart and my mind this summer, taking an abnormally long summer break, delaying our start back to school, eliminating excess activities and tasks, and healing from a burnout. I’m not quite ready to dive back in to the chaos of the school year,.. and yet I

Mother’s Journal ~ August 24, 2012 : The Back to School Edition

Tidbits of life and nuggets of goodness gathered this week, harvested and blended like a tasty cup of hot tea. Grab a sip and savor the flavor of life here at Classic Housewife.