Texas Birds Unit Study

I tend to be kind of A.D.D. with homeschool sometimes. I’m a little bit like Dory, swimming along in one direction and then–Look, birds! I mean, here we are in the middle of winter and I’m thinking about a Texas birds unit study (which people often study in the Spring right?) I just shrug and say “It’s all good.” I’ve come to accept that there is sometimes no method to my madness. Besides, I love birds. I love cardinals. And hummingbirds. And painted buntings. We have recently discovered a broad-winged hawk living on our property and I think it’s pretty cool.

Top Ten {Tuesday} ~ Nature Sites

This is the time of year when nature swoons.. it’s all around; everything is green…
Playing and learning combine as the children make some new discovery – a flower here, a caterpillar there. We like to look them up, learn their names, their benefits, their life cycle. We have several different websites we go to find the information that we seek. Today I want to share my top ten websites for learning about the nature around us…


Reflection. I can’t hear that word without breaking into song a la Mulan. (I prefer the movie version over the pop version. I do pretty good if I do say so myself.) The thing about reflections – they only reflect what is there. The interpretation is the variable. Whether examining your own reflection in a mirror, whether reflecting on the past, whether admiring shiny pretty reflective things, whether reflecting on how well you reflect Christ’s light – the interpretation is open to the examiner. You and I may both observe the same object, and yet we may see completely different