My August Whole30 Challenge

Have I gone mad? Some may say “yes.” I would be inclined to disagree, naturally. I think I’m fairly sane. =) My First Whole 30 Back in April, I joined a good friend in a 30-Day challenge, a Whole 30 challenge, and I did it. I completed it. The whole thing! I’ve never succeeded at anything like that before. It was difficult in the beginning but it soon got easier and for the rest of the month I started to discover that I felt better, I had more energy, my mood swings were better, and I was sleeping better, too.

On Being a Pastor’s Wife

Eight months ago, I got a new hat. A new, unfamiliar, but really good hat. My new “Pastor’s Wife” hat was added to my closet next to my Mom Hat, Wife Hat, Homeschool Hat, and all the other hats I have. Of course I have some hats I haven’t worn in a while: the Home Canner Hat, the Artist Hat, and the Blogger Hat which gets inconsistent use these days. I pull them out every now and then, dust them off for a quick use and then put them away again. I have a lot of hats – figuratively speaking. Literally,

How To Tell If You are TOO Busy (The Busy Mom)

You are busy. But are you too busy? How can a mom tell when she has crossed the line from Acceptably Busy into Too Much Busy? I have a few different “Busy Rulers” in my life. A peek into my purse or my minivan will give you a good idea of whether or not I’ve been running around busy, but there’s a much simpler, more accurate method for diagnosing Too Busy Syndrome. * * * * * * *  Today I’m up over at The Busy Mom, talking about “busy.” Sometimes we are just busy right now. Sometimes we are

A Mom’s Summer Reading List

With all this talk of Summer reading lists, I’ve been thinking about all the unfinished books on my own list. In fact, I used to take more time to read than I have been taking now, for years. I was toying with the idea of creating my own Summer reading list when a friend sent me this: I love this idea for creating a reading list. It’s almost random and nonsensical–choosing a book simply because of something on the cover or in the title? But it’s fun and just the sort of thing I need this Summer. A Mom’s Summer

My Kids Aren’t My “Everything.”

This post contains affiliate links. “My kids are everything to me.” “My kids are my world.” Often when I hear someone say these things, I smile and nod because I know what they mean–but in the back of my head I have this inner conversation with myself. It goes something like this: “Are our kids supposed to be our world and our everything?” “I’ve never said either one of those things.” “I do love my kids though, really.” And then I launch into this inner dialogue with myself that can go on for quite a while. Now before I go any farther,

Why Your Kids SHOULD Have Secret Pass Codes on Their Phones

Do your kids have secret pass codes on their phones, tablets and other devices? Ours do. But wait, I confess, I’m misleading you. Our kids don’t have pass codes that are secret from *US*–only everybody else. Why Your Kids SHOULD Have Secret Pass Codes on Their Phones We’ve reached the point now where all three of our children have some kind of device to be responsible for, that they could choose to be irresponsible with, and they could choose to (try to) lock and keep secret from us. When they first got their own phone, or tablet, or whatever, the