Times Tales – A Multi-Sensory Way to Learn Times Tables (A Review)

Yesterday I shared our favorite math curriculum, now let me share one of our favorite supplemental math products: Times Tales. Something about trying to learn Times Tables is daunting and frustrating for both parent and child. Perhaps it is simply because there is so much to remember. Perhaps it’s because the most common way to learn the Multiplication Table is through reciting – which is great for kids who primarily learn through auditory means but is frustrating for others. Whichever the case, many kids struggle with remembering and recalling multiplication facts. Times Tales Makes Times Tables Fun So what is

Currclick Freebie: Multiplication Game

Another weekly freebie from Currclick: A multiplication game by teachwithgames.com, I’ve downloaded it myself to play with Drama Queen, who is just beginning to learn about multiplication. If I like it, I It’s the first in a series, and if it works well for us we could pick up more advanced levels for Princess and Drama Queen to play together, providing Princess with with a little bit of extra practice.