101 Reasons to Embrace Eclectic Homeschooling

I know so many homeschool moms who have chosen the path of eclectic homeschooling. Although,. . . I’m sure most of them would tell you that it felt like it was the other way around: eclectic homeschooling kind of found THEM. Most homeschoolers begin their journey looking through the abundant and wonderful options of complete, packaged, homeschool curricula. Many of them even start there, giving it a go for a year, or two, or three. But at some point, those of us who call ourselves “eclectic homeschoolers” veered off that path. (Or we never even set foot on it at

Top Ten Signs You Might Be An Eclectic Homeschooler

There are LOTS of reasons why I choose eclectic homeschooling… I call myself a “Pick & Choose” homeschooler. {If you’re like me, you might be one, too!} So you might be a Pick & Choose Homeschooler IF: 1.) If someone asks what method you use and you begin your sentence with “Well, it’s like this….” If you need a paragraph to explain which homeschool method you use…Yep. You might be a Pick & Choose Homeschooler. In fact, I have a whole post, with lots of paragraphs! 2.) If you have trouble sticking to only one kind of method and you

ABCs of Homeschooling ~ Methods

In many ways, I’m a “black and white” kind of girl. It’s either hot OR cold, good OR bad, right OR wrong. But in other ways I’m a laid back kind of person who deals in generalizations, approximates and blurred lines. (I blame my left/right brain balancing act that keeps me always at war with myself.) To that end there are many methods I use here in our homeschool, though none of them completely or perfectly. A little bit of this, a little bit of that… whatever is right and good for us can stay, whatever doesn’t work is outta