Menu Plan Monday (and Whole 30 Week 3)

*Post contains Amazon affiliate links.* WEEK THREE! The first two weeks of Whole 30 went really well. I’m feeling pretty good and I’m losing weight at a safe pace (3.3 lbs in the last two weeks.) Here are some pictures of some of the things I ate. I have some new recipes to try this week! I also have a recipe of my own to share with you later this week. Let’s see what is on the menu for all of us, and what’s on my Whole 30 plate this time… (The asterisk, again, indicates a meal where I will

Menu Plan Monday (And Whole30 Week 2)

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links.* I survived the first week! I knew I would. I did really, really well, too. There were a couple of times I discovered something had a hidden ingredient, or I didn’t read a label well enough. I “stole” a swig of ginger ale in a weak moment (I don’t even LIKE ginger ale!)  But overall I did really, really well. I think there’s a little bit of grace in the first week as you learn to read labels well and learn to overcome bad habits (purists might disagree,) but moving in to week two

Menu Plan Monday – Whole 30 Week 1

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Hello, Day 1 of Whole 30! I conquered this once, I can do it again. 😉 To make sure I do it well, and feed the rest of the family, too, here’s a thorough menu for the week!! Anything I eat will be Whole 30 approved, so if I say “bacon,” use a sauce, or add something to my coffee–it will be W30 compliant. Everything will also be as natural and simple on ingredients as I can find. If a meal has an asterisk after it, it means that I’m making the same meal

Menu Plan Monday (Month of May)

Yes, you read that title right!! The whole MONTH of May.

See.. I really need to menu plan for smart grocery shopping. But I’m really bad about doing it consistently. And I’m even worse about getting it on the blog! So I thought to myself, “I need to work SMARTER and not harder, right?” And it seems like the smart thing to do here is plan all at once and blog it once a month. Sounds good, right?

Menu Plan Monday

Yup, on Tuesday. Just roll with it, mkay? This week I needed to just keep things simple, no new recipes this week, and I wanted to make sure I used many of the items we received in our organic produce co-op share. But later this week we’ll have some honest to goodness chilly weather again so it will be perfect weather for soup! Tuesday ~ Grilled Chicken Salads (using several items from the organic produce co-op: green leaf lettuce, broccolini, red bell pepper and parsnips. Also, green onions) Wednesday ~ Meatloaf, sweet potatoes (from the co-op, baked or mashed I

Menu Plan Monday

I’m going to try to get back on this bandwagon!! We have some specific produce items from the co-op that we need to use up and there are several things in the freezer that needs to be used so that’s a definite influence on our menu for this week. And since we now have a non-stop supply of fresh farm eggs (ours), Breakfast For Dinner and Eggs for breakfast are regular weekly occurrences! Monday B~ Oatmeal & blueberries L~ Homemade “lunchables” with fruit S~ Beef Enchiladas, beans, rice Tuesday B~ Banana Nut Muffins, bacon L~ Lean Pockets, veggies & ranch