Simple New Year Mantel Decor

I know what some of you are thinking (ahem: MOM.) My definition of “simple” may not be *your* definition of simple. Some of you have a clock and two candlesticks on your simple mantel. (I call that minimalist. I am clearly not a minimalist… so roll with it just a minute, okay?) If you saw my Fall and Advent mantel decor, you know that I tended toward the “full and overflowing” style of decorating. But for the new year, for the fresh clean start, I wanted to keep things simpler, cleaner, straighter. My focus right now is a “return to

Advent-ure 2010: My “Faux Mantel”

I thought this year would be different. I thought this year, I would have a fireplace, and a mantel for stockings and a focal point for our nativity or Advent wreath. Alas,.. I do not. = ( But what I do have, which might actually be bigger than most mantels, is my piano! = ) Each year I move my everyday piano decor aside and completely deck out the top of the piano. It’s a good place to put a nativity scene or advent candle wreath – or both! Oh, this makes me smile! In keeping with the color scheme