Ten Ways to Love Your Husband Without Breaking the Bank

Here’s the deal, ladies.. my husband and I? We don’t really do much for Valentine’s Day. *gasp!* I do enjoy taking the opportunity to show my husband that I care about him, and Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to do that intentionally. But really, you can (should) do that anytime for any reason, right? So whether you’re looking for some frugal ways to let your hubby feel loved this Valentine’s Day, or whether it’s his birthday or it’s just Tuesday.. here’s a list of ten frugal suggestions to help you do that. Ten Ways to Love Your Husband {Without

Marriage Monday ~ Gracious

Today’s topic is a hard one for me. Gracious is defined as “marked by kindness and courtesy” and when we talk about God’s grace, grace is defined as “a kindness we don’t deserve.” I really need to work on being an example of grace to my family. It’s not that I’m not a nice person, it’s that I have a temper and I find it so hard to stay kind sometimes. As I’m sure is common in many marriages, my husband knows just how to get under my skin, too. For many years now, it’s been one of my main