Using Heirloom Audio Adventures For Read Aloud Time

*The following is an Heirloom Audio Adventures review–a new product we are trying out for the fall semester of 2016.*  This past spring, our homeschool got stuck in a rut. It was a boring, no frills, minimalistic rut caused by an over-scheduling of *stuff* and an under-scheduling of quality learning. While we took our out-of-character-for-us Summer Break, the kids and I discussed changes to make this year, such as adding our read aloud time back in, making sure we get enough fun learning in, and spending enough time on history and science. Of course, the best laid plans in our house are

Heritage History: Young Readers Curriculum

I love history. I didn’t like history much as a kid. As a mom, I love it. That’s probably partly because I’m older, but it’s also partially because of the great history resources that have helped make history come alive for me! My journey to loving history began when I found The Mystery of History several years ago. Later, when I found all of G.A. Henty’s historical novels free for kindle I snagged them all up and giggled like a school girl. And now, my growing fondness for our Heritage History books is putting me at risk for being labeled

Supplemental Anatomy Science Books

So if you haven’t noticed already, I have a thing for books. I’m building our library with good supplemental and living books to keep on hand. Having kids from age 5 – 11, here’s a list of anatomy and health related books for my library. I’ve marked the books that we have already and the others are books that I hope to add to our library soon. The Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia (Kingfisher First Reference) (We have this one already. My 5 year old science guy goes through it again and again and again!) Inside Your Outside: All About the

Reading Books For Math

Yes, there’s more!! I’ve already shared a list of books for Geography and History… and now I’m going to share a list of books for MATH! Yes, Math!! Some of these would be make excellent permanent additions to your homeschool library. Others would be perfect for borrowing from your local library. In fact, we’re off to the library today and hoping to find some of the “Math Adventure” books for Princess. One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent: All About Money (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library) The Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Math: Internet Referenced (Illustrated Dictionaries) Usborne Illustrated

Literature & Resources for Mystery of History Vol 1, Semester 2

Inspired by the book list I’ve created for history next year, I’ve gone ahead and made a reading list for the remainder of Mystery of History for this year. (We’re stretching history out over the summer.) I need a range of books — from books to read to the 5 yr old, books to read to all of them, books the older ones can read by themselves or books they can read to the younger ones. Yes, the textbook does have a list of books at the back of it. But there are tons!! I’ve gone through and picked some

ABC’s of Homeschooling – B is for…

B is for Boxes, baskets, backpacks we’ve bought The basics, the bible, and a boy underfoot Balance! Building blocks. Big Daddy helping. But mostly, lately, B is for books! There were so many things I could have written about for the letter B! And many of you actually requested that I pick “balance.” I’m sorry to disappoint, but I promise that I’m GOING to write about that in about six more letters. (You’ll just have to see!) This school year (I think I’ve mentioned) we’ve made a bit of a shift in our method and approach around here. Now that