Reinforcing Life of Fred Math – Middle School

You know we love Life of Fred Math. I’ve raved about Life of Fred before, about how much we love it, about how amazing these books are.  We’ve also discussed one of the concerns I frequently hear about Life of Fred – the obvious lack of practice work, AKA “busy work.” It’s true, Life of Fred doesn’t give timed practice sheets, or much in the way of “practice” at all. The “practice” comes through the doing of the lesson and, once you hit the middle school age, through the Bridges (quizzes) you have to pass to continue on. So in

If Your Kids Get Stuck In Life of Fred Math

Math gets a bad rap as being one of the hardest things to teach. And no lie, it can be difficult. Math gets progressively harder and harder, and there are already several things in my oldest daughter’s math book that I never learned or don’t remember. On the other hand, math is very orderly. It’s very clear, very black and white, right or wrong. (Other things, like creative writing, aren’t so cut and dry.) So when your child is struggling, it’s usually very easy to see where they’re going “wrong” in the process, what they need to work on, and