Kidzmet Learning Styles Playbook ~Review

Using the Kidzmet Personal Playbook for Learning Kit to Help an Emerging Independent Learner Embrace Their Learning Styles for Success Does Learning Style Matter? Yes! Those of you who know me know that I take learning style very much into consideration when choosing what and how to homeschool my children. That’s why I ordered an audio cd WITH the textbook for Princess, and why I give Little Prince pipe cleaners to play with while he listens. I’m also fascinated by personality types and how that plays into the way my kids learn and grow. My kids’ learning styles and personality

Visual-Spatial Learners ~ ABC’s of Homeschooling

Oh, learning styles. I don’t think they define us, but I do think we can see these patterns play out in the way that God created us – and yet, each unique and individual and not pinned down to any one label. We need not spend all of our time thinking about these things (and I don’t) but I do think that understanding and adapting to learning style can help – especially when we come up against a hard place and meet resistance. Princess is Visual-Spatial. Or at least mostly. I think. She confuses me because I see parts of

ABCs of Homeschooling ~ Differences

Kids. They’re cookie cutter. Perfect. All 3 of my kids are exactly alike. HA! As if!! I don’t know WHAT I was thinking when I started teaching my second child how to read and I thought that everything was going to work just exactly like it did for my first child. (I mean, the differences between the two were already evident, night and day!) And yet there I was banging my head on the wall every time I pulled out the reader. Why. Wasn’t. She. Getting. It?? And then I realized, just as we had struggled over math with her

Princess’ Math Story; Why we’re switching to Teaching Textbooks.

Last year Princess used Switched on Schoolhouse for 5th grade. We used it because it was passed on to us, it’s what we had, and we wanted to try it out. We had high hopes for it, really. Princess began the year using all the S.O.S. subjects except for math, because she wasn’t yet ready for it. Instead, she began the year with a Saxon 5/4 book (also free and given to us.) She had used Saxon for two years, so math that year was pretty much like math every other year. I gave her about 5 minutes of instruction

The Biggest Flash Card Deck – EVER. And mastering math as a right-brain, visual learner.

I KNOW how some of you feel about flash cards.. I can *see* your reason, but I’ve never really *gotten* it. Perhaps.. it’s because flash cards appeal to my learning style. We’ve used flash cards before but they’ve been a tool that we’ve used for a little here and there. I’ve have never been very strict or diligent about them. They’ve been a tool, not a regimen. I’ve been even less strict with verbal recitations. You know, like reciting times tables and such. Perhaps because those DON’T appeal to my learning style at all. (I find it incredibly boring, and

Teach a Kid to Learn…

Why is it that we are all naturals at learning, we are born with the ability to learn, with guidance we can become skilled at it–perhaps even gifted–and yet so many homeschooling moms have moments of doubt and uncertainty over how well their children are learning at home? Not always, no. But sometimes. Yes. Is my child really doing as well as I think she is? How can I help him get this concept? Why can’t he see it the way I do? How am I supposed to make sure they are getting everything they need to know? … …Are