Ten Free Language Arts Resources

Language Arts is one of the things that I really don’t spend a lot of money on – that’s because there are really so many great resources that allow you to do that for free! In the “leaner” years I’ve leaned on this more, and on the “fatter” years I’ve invested in a little more for grammar and writing. Whether you use free language arts resources because you need to or want to, here’s a list of resources for a variety of ages. Free Language Arts Resources Grammar Grammar Workbooks From Scholastic Literary Place (Grades 1-6) The Big Grammar Book,

Mother’s Journal ~ May 25, 2012

In my life this week… What a week! It’s been ALL. OVER. the place! This past weekend we did some yard work, that believe it or not, was actually quite nice! Princess and I had picked up some flowers and bird feeders on our date night so we potted the flowers, cleaned out the other old flower pots and discovered that one of my baby oak trees from several years ago is STILL ALIVE! Saturday evening we spent with my inlaws and Sunday evening was spent watching the solar eclipse – what we got to see before the sun set.

Weekly Wrap Up, Week 17

As I mentioned yesterday.. I’m pretty much behind on everything. This month is supposed to be about getting ahead a little bit but this week is all about just catching up and not falling farther behind. I’m only just now getting around to my homeschool weekly wrap-up (and I’m not sure there’s really that much to say…) However, there is one really exciting thing about last week.. Last week I had a momentary lament over the state of our language arts studies. I was all ready to hop online and spend some money on a few inexpensive things to help

Writing and Spelling and Grammar Oh My!

Halfway through the school year and it’s a good time for some self-assessment, right? What I am a doing a good job with teaching, what do I need to improve and teach more of? In the past the answer was usually science or history because we were pretty good about getting math and language arts done. But this year we have good science and history curriculum and this year the only area of learning I’m really concerned about is.. duhduhduhhhh.. language arts. Of course, if I were really honest, I’d admit that I’ve never REALLY been 100% happy with our