Mother’s Journal ~ May 25, 2012

In my life this week… What a week! It’s been ALL. OVER. the place! This past weekend we did some yard work, that believe it or not, was actually quite nice! Princess and I had picked up some flowers and bird feeders on our date night so we potted the flowers, cleaned out the other old flower pots and discovered that one of my baby oak trees from several years ago is STILL ALIVE! Saturday evening we spent with my inlaws and Sunday evening was spent watching the solar eclipse – what we got to see before the sun set.

Popinjay – Domestic (Like You’ve Never Seen It Before)

Domestic: a warm, apple pie or a freshly ironed shirt? A nicely decorated room or a freshly scrubbed bathroom? What does domestic look like to you? What are the things that make you feel domestic? I told Karina yesterday that I much prefer the “fun” side of domestic: the decorating, the baking, the family activities. I get bored with the “everyday” domestic of laundry and dishes and mopping. The two are part & parcel and I embrace them fully, but I much prefer things like this or this over things like this or this. Still, even with all this “domestic

Popinjay ~ ABNORMAL?

A hard winter makes for a smaller insect population in the summer, or so the old adage says… HA! says I. HA! This past winter was a GOOD COLD WINTER. Well, as far as Texans can HAVE good cold winter. We had more snow than we’ve seen in years, and yet here we are creepy crawling with bugs all over! So much for the old saying. At first I thought that I was simply noticing more bugs, paying more attention thanks to my little boy who is really into bugs right now. But as we have found more and more

Popinjay: Dainty

A little late but what else is new? I’ve been missing out on Popinjay the last few weeks so hey, at least I’m getting it up – right? =P This week’s Popinjay photo prompt is “Dainty.” I had planned on taking a picture of the roses my husband bought me for our anniversary on Sunday. But they were left at my mother-in-law’s house until yesterday and then I noticed that a lot of other people had the flower idea, too. ;0) And then this flew in our school room today: THAT.. Is a Red-tailed Specter Moth. Tiny little thing. Drama

Thirteen Websites About Bugs

If you happen to read my blog AND follow me on Twitter AND are privy to my private facebook page, you would notice that I’ve been talking a lot about bugs lately. We are in, what I like to call,.. BUG SEASON. Translation: We are up to our ears in bugs. We have good bugs, bad bugs, small bugs, big bugs, pretty bugs, ugly bugs… bugs, bugs, bugs. And as a general rule: I don’t really like bugs. But some of them are actually pretty cool! With some of our recent outside (and inside) discoveries, the kids and I have

To Notice a Butterfly. Or 12.

Do you KNOW how hard it is to to take a picture of a butterfly? The fields around our house are flitting with dozens of butterflies this time of year.. oranges, yellows, whites.. Of course there are Monarchs, too. My favorite are the black butterflies, the Pipevine Swallowtails. Yesterday, I was moved by the number of butterflies in our yard so I tried to follow the biggest one around and capture a few shots — I didn’t know how many pictures I was going to have to try to take to finally “catch” him! I finally did, the two below