Why We Love Horizons Math For Our Busy Learners – A Review

Ever since an Alpha Omega representative took time to comment on my post “Horizons Versus Lifepac,” we’ve been sold. It’s a really good fit for my Drama Queen who grasps the math concepts fairly quickly and easily but tires of a math lesson that drags on too long or gets too repetitive. Imagine my surprise (not) when her younger brother turned out to be the exact same way? So here we go on Horizons Math, Round 2! My “math-genius-I-might-be-biased” son and his short attention span work well with the short, colorful sections and the spiraling content. I love it when

2nd Grade Horizons Math – First Impressions

You know what “they” say about first impressions… We got our 2nd grade Horizons math book in the mail! I immediately opened it and started looking through it. I’m very excited to start using it. Drama Queen still has a little bit left in her 1st grade workbook left so we’ll finish that up first. She and I both are eager to use up the rest of that workbook as quick as possible! Having flipped through it but not using it yet, these are the things that I like it about it so far: 1.) Having a good teacher book