100 Fall-Ish Things For a Fall Study

100 Things For a Fall Study Fall is my favorite season. I love the weather, the colors, the smells.. the excitement in the air as it ushers in the holiday season. =) In Texas it just doesn’t last nearly long enough, so I take what I can get. This year I’ve been looking forward to Fall and the holiday season even more than usual. I’ve been looking forward to a season of happiness and joy. If you love fall, too, and want to do a fall study, or you’re crazy about apples and acorns, or you’re looking for some pumpkin

The Best Part of Homeschooling

The Best Part of Homeschooling Do you know what the best part of homeschooling is?  Is it the ability to tailor a child’s education to their needs? Or the ability to tailor a curriculum plan to a certain worldview? What about the opportunity to educate at an advanced pace if desired, to graduate early and get a head start on college? Or the ability to provide a safe place to learn where it’s okay to make mistakes and ask silly questions in order to foster a true love of learning? All of these things are wonderful benefits, but to me,

The Complete Valentine’s Day Lesson Plan Checklist

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Some people hate it, some people love it… Homeschoolers see an educational opportunity and school holiday party rolled into one. =) Now, I know that none of you have waited until the very last minute to decide whether or not you were going to do anything or to plan what you’re going to do – you probably have the entire week lesson-planned down to paper heart crafts and love-themed Haikus. If, hypothetically speaking, some of you might need a little bit of direction, you’re in luck. You just happen to be reading a

Ten Helpful Bible Verses For Homeschooling Moms

Ten Helpful Bible Verses For Homeschooling Moms God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and Prayer are what carry me through this homeschooling journey. Good curriculum, supplies and coffee play a role as well.. but what keeps me going, helps me find direction, strengthens me.. it’s all God. Now, I’m not saying these bible verses have anything to do with homeschool specifically, nor are they only beneficial for homeschoolers, but these are some of my favorite, most encouraging, hope-filled, “purpose giving,” bible verses. If you’re going to be journeying down the homeschool path for the first time this fall, it wouldn’t hurt

Homeschool Q&A with Classic Housewife

Ten Homeschool Questions YOU Wanted to Know about Homeschooling here at Classic Housewife Yes. Today I put myself under the homeschool interrogation lamp and I answer YOUR homeschool questions. I invited you to ask, you answered, and now I hope you have fun as I answer for this little Classic Housewife Q&A. Enjoy!   Q1: Do you use a set curriculum and have your children maintain a strict schedule or are you more relaxed and gather or create your own curriculum? A: I’m an eclectic homeschooler, and by this point we’ve settled on a good core curriculum. It’s not an

St. Patrick’s Day Resources

The year is just FLYING by! St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I used to be so much more “on the ball’ when it came to holidays and birthdays and such. Something about having more kids and homeschooling them has sucked that out of me. Do you know, I didn’t really know the story behind St. Patrick’s Day until a few years ago? Sad, huh? Well now I find it quite interesting. You can either read this interesting article about the Real Saint Patrick, or you can watch this