Interest-Led Summer Learning: Middle School Physics And Chemistry

With my 17 year old working for the summer, I decided to switch things up a bit for summer school this year! What IF… we learn about things the kids want to learn about? Crazy, right? So I sat down with each of them, old fashioned pen and paper in hand, and we made lists. To no one’s surprise, my son’s list is all science, science, and more science. With only a few suggestions from me, my son whipped up a mainly science-minded list in about five minutes flat. It was easy-peasy. Now, I just have to find materials and

12 Children’s Books Made Into Movies, K-2nd

If you have a kid who prefers NOT to read, then you know my struggle. I love to read and it pains me so to see books discarded after a half-hearted attempt. I’ve been intrigued by this idea of pairing a Book and a Movie for some time now, (thanks, Ticia!,) and after seeing a few more posts about this sort of thing I’ve finally decided to put it into action this summer. The idea is to read the book FIRST, and once the book has been read, have a family movie night to watch the movie. <– That’s the plan

Used Homeschool Curriculum for Sale! K-6th

Used Homeschool Curriculum, Books, and Other Materials One of the trends I’ve noticed in homeschooling is the acquisition of lots of STUFF. We try different books, different methods, our kids have different needs, then they outgrow them… and we need to try to find a way to pass on these great but no longer necessary items. And let me tell you, I have a lot of great but no longer necessary items!! So if you see something here you’d like, then here’s the deal: I’ll send everything you want for the prices listed here, anywhere in the Unites States with

Curriculum Meltdown: Stop, Drop, and Roll

  Curriculum meltdown. It happens to best of us. Maybe it’s a slow fire that crackles and hisses, leaving a trail of ash behind. Or maybe it’s a five alarm fire that rages and roars. In either case, you’ve found yourself in a curriculum that isn’t working, doesn’t fit, or you just flat out don’t like. What do you do? Curriculum failure happens. First, let me say that “curriculum failure” doesn’t mean that the curriculum itself was “bad.” It also doesn’t mean that YOU failed. Curriculum failure just means that it didn’t work for you. And that’s okay. We have

Reinforcing Life of Fred Math – Middle School

You know we love Life of Fred Math. I’ve raved about Life of Fred before, about how much we love it, about how amazing these books are.  We’ve also discussed one of the concerns I frequently hear about Life of Fred – the obvious lack of practice work, AKA “busy work.” It’s true, Life of Fred doesn’t give timed practice sheets, or much in the way of “practice” at all. The “practice” comes through the doing of the lesson and, once you hit the middle school age, through the Bridges (quizzes) you have to pass to continue on. So in

Doctor Who Mnemonic for Long Division

Doctor Who Mnemonic for Long Division Looking for a good mnemonic for long division? For some reason, long division is a thorn in the side for many kids when they first learn it. My 13 year old is still having trouble keeping all the steps straight. It’s a little harder for her since she has trouble focusing and recalling facts and formulas. So we need a mnemonic, right? Something that can help her remember and recite the steps of “Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring Down.” Something that can help her progress through the division problem one piece at a time. More than