WFMW – Homemade Saxon Math

Ideally, if all things came together and the stars aligned and a magic fairy waved her wand and zapped my school supplies,… I’d be teaching Princess with a Saxon 2 Math book right now. Alas, as the stars did not align, no fairy waved her wand, and God chose to bless me with an extra dose of ingenuity in lieu of plopping a book in my lap…here’s what we came up instead. I looked up the table of contents for the Saxon Math 2 book, to see what is covered. Then I search online for worksheets or games pertaining to

Field Trip to the Firehouse

Today we joined a group of homeschoolers for a field trip to the firehouse. And I didn’t take my camera – what was I thinking? The firemen showed us a fire rescue truck, a water truck, and an ambulance. The kids enjoyed learning about each truck but especially the ambulance. As soon as they were done telling us about the kinds of things you can find inside an ambulance, they got a call and had to clear all the kids out so they could go help somebody. Of course the moms were like, *Oh, gasp!* But the children were thinking:

Back To School – A Tuesday Tackle

Today is “back to school” for us. We took a rather lengthy (for us) Christmas and New Year vacation (almost three weeks!) and now it’s time to hit the books. Getting back in the groove is always difficult, and after a break of this length, it could be more so. But when I told the girls it was ‘back to school’ today they actually seemed quite excited. One could only hope. I have no doubt that Drama Queen will eagerly fill in every single one of her worksheets, after all she gets to enjoy dots to dots, hidden pictures and

Our Official School Name

I don’t think I’ve mentioned what we decided to name our school. Several weeks ago I asked for input and suggestions as we searched for the just the right name. After discussing it as a family, I think we’ve settled on just the right one. We decided to go with Princess’ suggestion of Faith Family Homeschool. I like this name for at least a couple of reasons. First, I like that it’s very straight-forward. Academy or Private School doesn’t tell the listener that we school at home – they’d have to ask. I understand why some people would prefer that,

Tackling More School STUFF

Can STUFF multiply? I don’t know if it is because we homeschool, if I just have “the hoarder” gene, or if our stuff just procreates when we are not looking…but as far as our games & flashcards and puzzles go, it seems there is always too much STUFF! And yet, it is so hard to purge. Hm. Maybe there’s my answer. 😛 Last week when we cleaned up the school area and got ready for school to start again, we gathered all the puzzle pieces, cards, game pieces, crayons, pencils and other craft and learning pieces and set them aside.

Getting Ready For School

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we start our new school year. This year brings a few changes and keeps some tried and true things we’ve learned along the way. Princess begins 2nd grade (sort of) and Drama Queen begins Kindergarten (sort of) and Little Prince starts coloring-drawing-playing-reading-whatever-i-can-do-to-keep-him-busy. 😀 I don’t know what possessed me to try to do this while he is awake, but I have. God help me. No, really, I mean it – God, help me! *mini-panic!* Okay, I’m better now. God provides. He always does. And if it doesn’t work, we’ll adapt. We always do. Today we finished getting the