Printables and Resources

I found this homeschool resource site today: This lady has been assembling resources and printables for your download and use, from forms to math to language arts and more, since 1998. Check out this snippet from Donna’s Copywork page: A few ideas for copy-work and dictation…. Grades K-2 As soon as your child can write letters and words, he should begin copy work. The early form of copy work consists of your child looking at a letter or a word that you wrote on the whiteboard or a piece of paper and he copies it on his paper. This

Free Workbooks & Unit Studies from School Express

School Express offers over 500 Unit Studies & e-Workbooks, available for downloading and printing. Organized by subject, a brief description and appropriate age level is indicated on the download page. Even though we already have curriculum, the kids always get excited about new worksheets or workbooks. They’re relieved by the influx of new material and the break from the same ol’ same ol’. I downloaded several workbooks for Little Prince to work on when he wasts to “do school” too: mazes, the alphabet & numbers. I picked out some workbooks to help Drama Queen practice addition and phonics. I also

The First Day of School

The first day in pictures: To say today “went well” would be a lie… The pictures are misleading. Today was hard, long, exhausting, painful, nerve-wracking and “take-me-to-the-nuthouse!!” crazy. There were distractions, and issues with not paying attention or following directions, problems with butting in on each other’s work, you name it. We’ve been out of session for over a month, so we’re gonna have to get in our groove. To make it *even better*.. I was suffering from a sensory overload day and my 5 year old sensory seeking child Would. Not. Sit. Still. Not for a minute. She was

How Does A Princess Learn?

I find things like learning styles and personality types interesting. I know it’s not the end all and be all of who we are. I believe that God made us each unique and there is no cookie cutter equation. I also think that there are certain patterns that can be useful to note, especially when trying to teach children. If my child learns better with certain circumstances over others, wouldn’t I be foolish not to utilize that at least some of the time? Recently I found a child-friendly learning style quiz on JumpStart’s web site. Letting Princess take it basically